October 2018

Get Involved

Chamber membership provides entrée to a community of collegial support and learning opportunities. By getting involved you leverage the power of your membership and support the progress of the Chamber at the same time.

There are many ways to get involved with a complete range of time commitment. Coming to Chamber events is the most obvious way. Last year, total attendance at our events numbered nearly 3,000. 

But there are many other ways. Donate an item to the Annual Auction. Become an Ambassador to welcome new members. Participate in the annual Membership Drive and help us grow. The more you do, the more value you’ll receive from your membership.

Chamber Committees

One of the best ways to access these important membership benefits is to join one of our volunteer program committees and participate in setting our future direction. These groups develop and execute our Programs and are critical to helping the Chamber achieve our objectives for Chamber members and for greater Northampton. Committee participation is an especially good way for new members to learn how the Chamber works and to form productive relationships with other members. No special experience is needed; anyone is welcome to join right in!

To determine if a specific committee might be right for you, attend a meeting or two as a guest.

Here’s a quick look at the Chamber’s committees. To learn more about any committee, contact Jasmin Tomic by calling 413-584-1900 or sending e-mail to Jasmin Tomic.

Economic Development Committee
Develops and implements our Economic Development Program.
Dennis Bidwell, Chair, Bidwell Advisors
Typically meets the third Friday of the month at 8:00 a.m. at the Chamber.
Click here to learn about our Economic Development Program.

Membership Program Committees
Three Chamber groups are dedicated to developing services for our members and keeping members informed about Chamber activities.

Membership Committee
Oversees all membership-related programs and services.
Ann Latham, Chair, Uncommon Clarity
Typically meets on the first Thursday of the month at 8:00 am at the Chamber.

Generators and Ambassador Committees
Although the Generators and the Ambassador Committees have unique functions, there is lots of crossover and therefore they meet together as one group with lots of fun.

Ambassadors serve as the Chamber’s welcome committee and Chamber mentors for new members.

Generators organize the Chamber’s membership events -- Arrive @ 5, Meet & Eat -- and produces special events, such as our annual Auction. They also welcome new businesses to town.

These two committees typically meet jointly on the 3rd Friday of the month at noon at the Chamber.

Patty Covalli, United Bank, co-chair
Noreen Mickiewicz Hayes, ServiceNet, co-chair
Kim Simonich, Coca Cola Refreshments, co-chair

Click here to learn about our Membership Program

Tourism Committee
This committee is currently suspended and being reorganized. Stay tuned.
Click here to learn about our Tourism Program.

Downtown Business Community
Develops and implements our Downtown Program. 
Judith Fine, Gazebo, Chair
If you are interested in attending a DBC meeting, please send email to Kristin Cole at the Chamber.
Click here to learn about our Downtown Program.



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