October 2018

Economic Development Program

Our Economic Development Program helps define a business climate that supports community well-being through business success. 


  • Improve the climate for doing business in Northampton.

  • Create a more business-friendly voice in city government.

  • Expand the commercial base in Northampton.

  • Connect Northampton’s economic development priorities to regional initiatives.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Created new zoning recommendations for King Street to promote new commercial investment in a greener, more pedestrian and bike friendly environment.

  • Monitored Northampton's regulatory proposals including the expansion of the landfill. The Chamber is evaluating options to report to the membership in 2010.

  • Partnered with the City of Northampton and the 3-County Fair Association on a $40 million dollar redevelopment master plan for the 3 County Fairgrounds. Raised $400,000 in private and public funds to complete the permitting and pre-construction feasibility and planning. This economic development project has the potential to infuse $30 million in additional spending into our economy each year.

Past Results

  • Significantly influenced the quality of the Sustainable Northampton Plan and the strength of its economic development priorities.

  • Successfully influenced clearer and more reasonable language for Northampton’s proposed wetlands ordinance.

  • Worked to create a new Fairgrounds Redevelopment Corporation that is responsible for planning, funding, and construction of the 3-County Fairgrounds redevelopment.

  • Prevented significant construction delays for renovation projects by helping to redraft a Demolition Review Ordinance proposed by Northampton’s Historical Commission.

  • Completed a market feasibility study to demonstrate the potential for the redevelopment of the 3-County Fairgrounds as a year-round exhibition center.

  • Advocated for a land use plan for Northampton’s Meadows that will allow more flexibility for future developments at the airport, fairgrounds and business districts.



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